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Memorabilia relevant to the opera performed can be purchased from the Amman Opera Festival Head Office and at the entrance on the evenings of the performances as well.

Lost and found objects

All objects found at the venue should be handed over to the ushers. For enquiries about lost objects, on the evenings of the performances, please go to the entrance gate which remains open until the end of each performance or contact us at lost@ammanoperafestival.com .

Parking services

Parking is available for all ticket holders. The parking lot behind the Public Library will be available for Royal Lounge Ticket holders. Raghadan Bus Terminal Parking lot will be available for Opera Lounge and The Gladiators ticket holders. Otherwise, you can book a car and driver with Avis to get to the venue.

Snacks and beverages

A Snack and beverage services are available on site during the intervals.

Further Assistance

For any problems experienced or information required before and during the performances please address the ushers.

Rules and regulations at the venue of the Festival

Viewers must be in possession of a ticket and must show it to the ushers when requested; viewers must occupy their seat and behave appropriately during the performances.

Viewers are not allowed to carry bottles, glass objects or any blunt instruments which can hurt oneself or others at the grandstands.

There is no mandatory dress code. However, viewers are required to be dressed appropriately; Shorts and very casual dressing is not recommended.

Refreshments must not be carried or consumed at the grandstands. Refreshments are available at the designated areas during the intervals.

The audience is kindly requested to keep noise to the minimum during the performance.

Smoking is strictly prohibited while seated on the grandstands.

Animals are not permitted in the area of the festival.


Requests for interviews with artists and company's officials, photographs, sound and video recordings should be agreed in advance and an official authorization should be given by the Amman Opera Festival Head Office. However, should you wish to write advertorials or press releases please feel free to contact our office at:
E-mail: info@ammanoperafestival.com